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Name: City of Saint Peter

Document Number: 222585

Type: City Ordinances

Description: Ordinance No. 52, Third Series; City of Saint Peter; An Ordinance Amending Saint Peter City Code Chapter 2 "Administration and General Government", Section 2-3 "Ward and Precinct Boundaries" and Adopting by Reference Saint Peter City Code Chapter 1 and Section 1.6 Which, Among Other Things, Contain Penalty Provisions; AND Resolution No. 2022-38 - A Resolution Designating City and Combined School District #508 Polling Places for Election Beginning August 9, 2022

Date on Document: Mar 21 2022

Submitter: City of Saint Peter

Source: Delegation Status

Term Start Date   - Term End Date: 

File Name: 222585.pdf

File Date: 03/21/2022



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Status Change Date:  Aug 09 2022